img_9003Life is about sound and citizenship. I am currently interested in the concepts of dislocation and authority within a digital society. I often create and perform by means of sonic experimentation utilizing various MIDI systems, audio languages, and DAWs, as the exploration of meaning, be it fleeting or stationary, are of primary interest in my artistic endeavors. In utilizing and re-appropriating various facets of analog and digital media, I seek to re-contextualize and disrupt our digital existence in fundamental ways, similar to what artists of the past sought to do with oil and canvas.

I hope my sonic works can be a conduit for continuing the important artistic and academic discourse on the various facets of music and sound, as well as actively engaging my audience in understanding the critical consciousness afforded by sound art.

M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies – Arizona State University
B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance – Arizona State University


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